“Well Purdy, it’s up to us now…”1

Get ready for a wild time! Announcing TAILS! – an extraordinary tabletop role-playing game like no other. In the game of Tails, players take on the role of not so everyday animals. As cherished pets, wild forest critters, or any animal in-between players will embark on a journey inspired by timeless tales of animals stepping forth to save their homes, their people, and their loved ones. TAILS is an entirely new immersive role-playing game experience that promises laughter, excitement, exploration, and friendship.

Dive into a world where every rustle of leaves and every track tells a story. Tails isn’t just about rolling dice; it’s about creating magical moments with your friends and family. The gameplay and setting of Tails is a fun and whimsical blending family-friendly themes and intriguing educational elements about the wonders of the animal kingdom. Tails uses a rules system specifically designed for the life of an animal. Designed to be both an excellent entry point into the magical realm of role-playing games while also ensuring it remains engaging and comfortable for veteran players of any RPG system TAILS is a great fit for any gamer level!

  • Easy to play rules custom designed to be familiar to veteran RPG players and quick to learn for those just beginning their RPG journeys.
  • Includes over 100 different animals to play as, or you can use the rules to add your own.
  • Filled cover to cover with interesting and fun Animal Facts and Trivia.
  • Includes beginning adventures and tips on crafting new adventures.

Make sure to use the links below and follow TAILS on its eagerly awaited journey toward launch. Pounce on the chance to uncover the magic that lies within the upcoming tales in TAILS. The countdown has begun and soon everyone can embark on quests filled with wonder, laughter, fur, scales, feathers, and friends. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the adventure – stay tuned for updates, sneak peeks, and the grand unveiling of TAILS!

Unravel mysteries, stop villains, and rescue your humans in Tails: The Animals RPG!
1Walt Disney's 101 Dalmatians (1961) - Pongo. All rights reserved by Walt Disney Studios.
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